Every since I was a kid I had a passion for everything electronic, and loved fixing things – from the stuck read head on a VCR, to some cabinet hinge in the kitchen.

As I grew older I started getting into computers a bit more, and loved videogames. As others, I went through the Commodore type computers era, and hand typed a few games from a book in Basic. That was my first intro to game development.

For a few years after that, life took a detour away from computers as far as school went, but I eventually got back on track.

The second attempt at game development involved my senior project for college, which ended up being a battleship game for Android. I thoroughly enjoyed programming it, and the AI part was really interesting.

But I wanted to do more, so I started looking into game engines, and 3d modelling. I do feel that in order to really love doing this type of work, you have to touch on every aspect of the game development process, from 3d modelling to sounds, from level design to programming. None of these aspects, and probably others should be overlooked.